• How It All Began

    Simply put, It began with an idea that prompted a phone call. The phone call was to my mother (Barb Vogel) to discuss her thoughts on creating a fundraiser for F.A.C.T. (Financial Assistance for Cancer Treatment). After some further discussion and input from others (father, brother, sister, friends, and volunteers), the 1st Annual Harvest of Hope was organized and took place on November 20th, 2005.
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    In Barb’s Words

    In August, 2004, Dean Vogel, Jr. developed a nagging cough which would not go away.  Having been diagnosed with bronchitis, then escalating to pneumonia, by mid-September, 2004, he was admitted to a local hospital.  Antibiotics brought improvement, but further testing with a CAT scan showed a mass in his chest wrapped around the aorta pushing on the lung.
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    Money Raised

    All the money raised from Harvest of Hope is then donated to F.A.C.T. (Financial Assistance for Cancer Treatment) to assist those in Seneca County with the staggering and ongoing costs related to cancer.
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