• a man in a red shirt Simply put, It began with an idea that prompted a phone call. The phone call was to my mother (Barb Vogel) to discuss her thoughts on creating a fundraiser for F.A.C.T. (Financial Assistance for Cancer Treatment). After some further discussion and input from others (father, brother, sister, friends, and volunteers), the 1st Annual Harvest of Hope was organized and took place on November 20th, 2005.

    Prior to that date, September 21, 2004, to be exact, I was diagnosed with cancer. Specifically, non-Hodgkins lymphoma. During the next 5 months, I went through chemotherapy and radiation treatments. At the same time, it was brought to my attention there was a group in Seneca County to help with cancer related expenses. The group was F.A.C.T. (Financial Assistance for Cancer Treatment) and they provided financial assistance to me for mileage and prescriptions.

    During my 2 week stay in the hospital after being diagnosed, I was given some scrapbooks. These scrapbooks were an idea that my sister created. In the scrapbooks are outlines of hands with messages written to me. Upon deciding to do a fundraiser for F.A.C.T., a name for the event was needed. The scrapbooks were used as the theme for this. Thus, the event would be called the Harvest of Hope.

    The hand outline and message you see is just one of the many from my parents, sister, brother, sister-in-law, brother-in-law, nieces, nephews, volunteers, someone you may know, or your own. These truly are the Hands Of People Everywhere.

    It is with these hands, as well as many others not in the scrapbooks, that have allowed the Harvest of Hope to grow each year and raise money for F.A.C.T.  With the money raised, F.A.C.T. can assist those in Seneca County with the staggering and ongoing costs related to cancer.

    In closing, That’s how it all began.

    God’s blessing to everyone and enjoy the Harvest of Hope.

    Dean Vogel, Jr.

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